About Us

Photography has the ability to transport you back in time to a place or event that makes you feel like you're living in that moment once again.

My name is Phil Bockman and it's been my pleasure and passion to capture memories for over twenty-five years. I created LifeSweet Photography 7 years ago (2009) and gladly share this passion of mine with all who come to my site. I believe that photography is about creating a vision before you even press the shutter release.
All pictures on the site can be purchased with the exception of the "Real Estate" or "Portraiture and Events" categories.

I will be adding more features to this site as time go on.
If you ask why I take photographs, I would say because there will come a day when pictures may be the only way of telling the story of our life to those we love.
If you would like me to help preserve your memories, please contact me at phil@lifesweetphotography.com.

My hope for you reading this is that you'll have a long, exciting and blessed life.

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